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Thank you for attending!

The Military Police Modernization Strategy is undergoing a holistic transformation to meet the needs of LSCO. Our efforts are laying the groundwork for future implementation across the range of MP proponent initiatives that will drive change across the DOTMLPF-P domains. Commanders will require MP capabilities that complement and enhance future maneuver operations. The ability of the MP Regiment to adapt and evolve its capabilities is at a critical time for MP forces to be considered a key enabler for aiding in freedom of maneuver, decisive action, promotion of the rule of law, and protection of our forces both at home and abroad.

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The Defense and Law Enforcement Industry Expo (DLEI) is a two-day expo for military, federal, and local law enforcement looking to deliver on their agencies’ missions amidst rapidly evolving and growing threats.

Join us in 2023 where you can discover:

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and Services

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of Leadership

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50+ Categories
of Innovation

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Expertise in
Law Enforcement

Plus, Cutting-Edge Products and Technologies

Systems Integration

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K-9 Products 

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Unmanned Systems

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Facial Recognition

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Protective Gear


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